Arts On (the) Line?

In response to ‘Live streaming: see the potential in putting your performances online’ –

Yes, yes, yes, please put (more) performance content online – it’s the only way to make ‘theatre’ fully accessible to anyone and put an end to the air of exclusivity it has not really managed to shake off in spite of the many creative attempts to do so by some brilliant companies.

Putting performances online would also enable so many people already converted to the arts who cannot go out at night (because they live miles away from a decent venue, have young children, can’t afford it, etc.) to see the work they don’t want to miss.

You could argue that the whole point of performance is the live experience, but still I would rather see something online than not at all.

I’d like to think that many more people would happily give up their TV licence if they could watch a different production online every night. Imagine what it would do for the profile of the arts in general, if everyone could see (and comment on) the quality and quantity of what is out there.

OUT NOW: No Tragedy, new single and short film by Exeter music/filmmaker duo Drunk With Joy..

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