In Memoriam: Jacqueline Floor, 21 Feb 1975 – 5 Feb 2013

On 5th February 2013, the Dutch artist Jacqueline Floor, passed away after a battle with cancer that lasted just over a year. She was 37 and left three beautiful young children and a loving husband.


What struck me most about Jacqueline’s often technically complex work is the ultimate simplicity and innocence that shone through it. In an age where the art world often seems dominated by the extreme, whether in size, motivation, action or theme, Jacqueline Floor strived to see and create beauty in the mundane and the everyday, as well as in her art.


In one of her largest bodies of work, she pondered the theme of continuity:

‘The complete amount of water on our earth stays always the same, only the form changes constantly. Nothing ever seems to stop or stand still. Tomorrow is always the next day. Everything is connected. From the one action the other appears. Patterns come to the surface all the time. History could have predicted them… With the work I try to evoke moments of temporary stand still. By representing my work at a point of stasis I want to precisely emphasize the always ongoing movement. Moments of continuity.’ Jacqueline Floor


Though the early end of Jacqueline Floor’s earthly life is shocking and devastating, I’d like to think her own continuity will be through the seeds she has planted in her husband and children, her family and friends and all the people whose lives, hearts and minds she, as a person and through her work, touched.

Jacqueline Floor’s website is temporarily taken down.

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